Our Services

Computer Repair

Parts and pieces within a computer eventually reach a breaking point and it is necessary to get them replaced. Sometimes finding the right part can be tricky, but not here.

Data Backups

Computers are like safes nowadays, and all the information on them is valuable.  We will perform backups of necessary and vital information on the computer’s hard drive to make sure you can recover what you need.

Email Configuration

Email provided to you by a company you normally access online can be set up to send and receive from your phone or computer. With correct settings, configuration is no problem.

Virus Removal

There are alot of things that can get downloaded to your computer without you knowing. We will assist with making sure these bad programs are removed and your device is safe.

Data Recovery

Has something unfortunate already happened to your computer and the files lost? We will thoroughly scan your drives and find as many files that can be recovered*.

Network Issues

We can help if you have a wireless network and are experiencing problems connecting. Devices such as printers, laptops and phones can all be configured.

**Coming soon**Refurbished Computers

If you are setting up a new office and need the computer hardware to get your employees online, we offer the ability to order refurbished computers in bulk so you don’t need to spend more money than necessary for workhorse machines that don’t need all the high end details. Refurbished computers are sanitized per NIST guidelines

*When recovering deleted files, it is possible that the files found may be damaged/unrecoverable. While possible to restore the deleted files, the quality can be severely degraded and unable to be used or viewed. If the files found are in such a state that it is not possible to restore them to a usable condition, no charge will be issued as no files will be restored.